September 1, 2007

Fire Lloyd Carr for Messing With My Child's Mind

Where the heck is Appalachian State? Yeah, I know that they've won a couple of Division 1-AA national championships. But, what can any villager tell me what state is the home of the Appalachian State Mountaineers?

It is depressing to be a fan of the University of Michigan. Especially when you live in Ohio. My parents met in Ann Arbor as college students. They married a few weekends after graduation. My grandfather and grandmother received graduate degrees from the University of Michigan. I grew up wearing Wolverine jerseys and dreaming of being part of the Big Blue. So, please excuse me if I'm a little depressed this weekend.

My favorite team managed again to find a way to lose. Not just lose ... but, to be embarrassed as the first Division 1 ranked team to lose to a Division 1-AA team in the history of college football. They have been playing college football for over a hundred years. What are the odds that your team can become the first in centuries to lose in a certain way?

It wasn't the fault of the players. The quarterback had decent statistics. The Heisman candidate running back ran for almost 200 yards and three touchdowns while missing almost two quarters with injuries.

It was the fault of the coach ... Lloyd Carr. I imagine that the happiest man in America is Jack Crowe. He was fired the day after his Arkansas team lost to 1-AA The Citadel in 1992. Carr will not get fired after this upset, but he might be wishing he had retired after last season when the Wolverines won 11 games before closing with losses to Ohio State and USC. Michigan has lost the past four years in a row at bowl games. They are the butt of jokes now.

Q: How do you make University of Michigan cookies?
A: Put them in a big Bowl and beat for 3 hours.

When the football game was over yesterday, Carr didn't second-guess decisions to go for 2-point conversions twice in the final 15-plus minutes, but did lament many mistakes, penalties and missed opportunities.

"We were not a well-prepared football team," Carr said. "That is my job, and I take full responsibility."

Full responsibility means that you should leave ... quit ... get fired! Doesn't it? Carr was the coach in 1997 when Michigan won the national championship. That was the last time that he did anything right. It's been 10 years of frustration for Wolverine fans since that time. Methinks it is time for Lloyd Carr to fade away. Just go. Leave. Be gone. Anything so that we can get a viable leader/coach in place.

My 7-year old son was born here in Ohio. His favorite college team is the Ohio State University. Lloyd Carr has messed up my child's mind. That is yet another reason he should be fired!

By the way villagers ... Appalachian State is located in Boone, North Carolina. Who knew?


Jennifer G. said...

LOL, you didn't know where Appalachian State - the 2-time National Champion - is located? OK, so being an alum of ASU gives me an advantage, but that's just par for the course. Apparently, the Michigan team didn't know, either.

However, you can't just say Michigan was unprepared; ASU is a kick-butt team with players in the running for the Peyton award, among other honors. Give credit where credit is due! Michigan is a good team which probably underestimated its rival in this game, but ASU was simply better! Let the remainder of the season unfold!

Bohemian Chick said...

I knew! But I am a resident of North Carolina *smile* My cousin attended ASU until he "found" himself and transferred to NC A&T. I was shocked when I heard that ASU beat Michigan...shocked I tell ya!

Unknown said...

Jennifer - I imagine that alums from ASU will forever have a glowing smile on their face. On the other hand, fans from Big Blue will always remember the day that Appalachian State came to town and kicked our butts (sigh).

Hippie Chick - First, thank you for visiting our village and I hope you come back often! I bet that you cousin pulled out some ASU sweatshirts after Saturday's game. Anyone who attended the school for even a day is now proud to say so (smile)!

peace, Villager