September 21, 2007

John Conyers Calls for Congressional Hearings on Jena Six

Drumbeats from Too Sense on congressional hearings about the Jena Six affair with particular attention on the district attorney Reed Walters.
(Washington, DC)- House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) told a crowd gathered on the Capitol grounds that he is holding a forum next week and plans to hold hearings to address the case of six teenagers in Jena, Louisiana who were charged with attempted murder for a schoolyard fight. Conyers spoke during a rally of support for the Jena 6 students in Washington, in coordination with rallies in Jena and other U.S. cities.
It is good to see that the pressure continues to mount on the legal system in Jena, LA continues to grow.

One result that we need to see in the next few days is the release of Mychal Bell from adult prison. His conviction has an adult was vacated by the appeals court last week. No new charges have been filed yet by Reed Walters. Why is the young man still behind bars?


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Excellent take on this story here.

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