September 27, 2007

Mychal Bell of Jena Six Released Today

Mychal Bell was released from prison in Jena, LA today when his bail was reduced and the district attorney, Reed Walters, finally stopped piling on new charges and new excuses.

Villagers recall that Walters vowed to appeal the decision to turn Bell's case over to the juvenile system because of Bell's previous criminal convictions. He caved on that decision when he got a call from Gov. Kathleen Blanco, Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III.

However, Walters couldn't leave well enough alone. He got up at his press conference today and said,

"I firmly believe, and I'm confident of the fact that had it not been for the direct intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ last Thursday, a disaster would have happened."

The momentum continues to build for racial justice in Jena, LA. However, The AfroSpear remains vigilante. We can count on the mainstream media to go back to ignoring racial INjustice as soon as OJ emerges from hiding.

Any thoughts on the developments since the Jena march last week?


Anonymous said...

I rejoice for Mychal Bell and hope the momentum carries to the rest of the Jena 6!

If the juvenile court judge is worth anything, he'll be out completely with time served.

So lets lift our glasses and say A-men, and than go kick the wind out of Reed Walters career.

Unknown said...

Bakare - I appreciate you taking time to share your voice here in the village. I join you in hoping that the juvenile court judge is more humane than Reed Walters...