September 28, 2007

White Mob Attacks Black Teens in New York

A few days ago the eyes of the world focused the president of Iran as he was a guest of a college campus in New York. Meanwhile, nobody seemed to notice another hate crime taking place in the streets of New York. Did you hear about the brutal attack on a college basketball team and two coaches that took place earlier this month?

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly indicates that the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

Kelly weighed into the furor surrounding the violent beating of the Manhattan Community College sports team after community leaders blasted the NYPD's failure to report the incident as a racial attack. "I'm told at no time did either side make any statements concerning race, as far as it being racially motivated," Kelly said. "What we have done as a result of the Daily News article written today is engage our hate crimes task force to do an investigation of this matter."

The players say they were set upon by a gang of white men as they headed home on Sept. 11 from a four-hour practice at the lower Manhattan school. As the students passed the Patriot, a rowdy Chambers St. bar, they were bombarded with racist shouts of "n-----s" and "this is what slavery feels like," the players say.

One person in the group, Marquis Scott, 18, says he was thrown into the middle of the street, jumped on and kicked. Police arrived and immediately handcuffed Scott, the son of an NYPD officer, and charged him with misdemeanor assault while letting the assailants go, he said. The team called its coach, Chester Mapp. Mapp and an assistant coach followed the students to the Brooklyn Bridge subway station, where the students and the coaches were attacked, Mapp said.

"I'm very shook up, nervous, kind of scared," Mapp said.

Villagers, I am still trying to understand why the victim of racial attacks are always the ones that end up in handcuffs. We saw that in Jena, Palmdale and now it happens again in New York.

Why is it that the strange fruit of the past appears to be growing wild in America in the 21st century?


Francis Holland said...

It's outrageous and I'm not sure what to do about it. But it's similar to the victimization that lead to the Black self-defense movement of of the 1960's, when Blacks concluded that only we could and would provide for our self-defense.

Unknown said...

Francis - One defense that we have now is our ability to use our blogs to bring evil into the light. No longer can evil be done under the cover of night or of media silence.

Nate said...

This incident is insane for so many reasons. Why isn't it a hate crime in the cops' eyes? Why was the victim arrested? Why is there almost zero media coverage of this? Thanks for visiting my post on it. I cross-posted my entry (or something very close to it) as a diary at Pam's House Blend. Not sure if it'll front page or not, but I hope people read it.

If I see any new info, I will definitely post about it.

Unknown said...

Nate - Good move to post on Pam's Blend House. At this point, she is the #1 Black Blogger in the universe (to my knowledge). We'll have to keep our eyes out to see the outcome of the case in New York. It definitely seems like a racially motivated (aka "HATE CRIME") act, that is for sure.

BunBun4life said...

WELL the reason the JENA 6 were arrested is because the beat 6 against 1 a single white boy almost into a coma.

The 'crime' against them was a noose hanging in a tree. Vulgar, yes. Deserving of being beaten to death (they are very lucky he didn't die) NO, you do not mob up and put somebody in the hospital because you are pissed.

That being said, this article is 5 years old, and I can find several hundred attacks of blacks on whites, compared to a handful in the reverse.

My question is, why do you only care about your handful, while insinuating it only happens to blacks.

I've just read so many articles maybe you wouldn't call them hate crimes, but resulting in disability and death, from young white teens to 85 year old women raped and beaten to death.

This happened in 2008 I believe, I never even heard of it, and this woman had every tooth knocked out, 85 staples in her head, chemical coma, her jaw still 'falls open' sometimes. He got out in 18 days.

Unknown said...

BunBun4life - This blog exists to share information for and about African Americans because our news interests are usually not exposed in the mainstream media. I try to share 'good news', but, on occasion we talk about race relations issues ... such as this post from 5 years ago.

I appreciate your candor and invite you to share updates of news stories or commentary that you think would be of interest to others (or me!).