September 21, 2007

Playing With Nooses Ain't No Game

We learned today that Mychal Bell must remain behind bars while some white folks continue to think that playing around with nooses is funny.

First, the three kids in Jena, LA hung three nooses in the Jena High School 'whites-only' tree last year. Second, someone at the University of Maryland hung a noose in a tree near Black Student Union building. Next we see 4-5 nooses hung from tree at high school in High Point, NC. Now we have two white youngsters rolling through Alexandria, LA with nooses hanging off both sides of their truck.

Alexandria is about an hour from Jena, LA. It served as the staging area for thousands of protesters who went to Jena to demonstrate against the unequal prosecution of the Jena 6.

Authorities in Alexandria, Louisiana, arrested two people after nooses were seen hanging from the back of a red pickup Thursday night. The 18-year old driver was charged with DUI and inciting a riot. The 16-year old passenger is in custody pending charges. The younger kid told police he and his family are in the Ku Klux Klan.

How arrogant do white kids have to be to try to incite a riot with nooses in front of all the brothers and sisters who spent the day at the Jena protest march? These youngsters are fortunate that the brothers and sisters that saw the noose decided to do the right thing by calling the police rather than do what they may have wanted to do ... reach in the truck and slap each of the kids across the face.

Villagers, why do some white folks think that playing with nooses is funny?


AAPP said...

Some people have lost their minds. I noticed they didn't do it in the middle of the march yesterday. Cowards.

Anonymous said...

maybe not only white people do that because there's a lot of crazy people out there... Just try to understand that we all have our own differences...

hello just hopping..interesting post.

Francis Holland said...

When people engage in irrational public behavior that leads to their arrest, they may be suffering from an abuse disorder, schizophrenia, manic depression or Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder (ECA), which is a disorder in which color-aroused extreme ideation and emotions lead to extreme color-aroused behavior. If their behavior seems irrational, like that of the alcoholic who promises himself never to drink again, but does, then we really must consider the possibility that, just like the alcoholic, these people may have a mental disorder that requires competent screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Does their behavior baffle you? Isn't one of the characteristics of insane behavior that it is irrational and therefore baffling to onlookers?

If calling this a "psychiatric disorder" sounds radical, just imagine how much progress would NOT have been made in the treatment alcholism and drug addiction if we had insisted that these illnesses were primarily social and moral rather than medical and psychiatric, had we never acknowledged that alcholism is a psychiatric disorder.

Few are those who receive adequate treatment without first receiving an accurate diagnosis.

Unknown said...

AAPP, Ester & Francis - I appreciate your comments. All three of you noted that the behavior was crazy and a symptom of people who are losing their minds. I agree!

peace, Villager

maryt/theteach said...

Hey, villager, this white person doesn't think it's funny at all. You've got a lot of white people who are totally in sync with you and all the other villagers re Jena 6 and against those other stupid people who think nooses are funny.

Villager you should be real proud of began blogging about the Jena 6 and started this movement which has ended up with all those people showing up in Jena, LA. How's on the radio and TV here in NYC and I'm sure elsewhere.

Danielle said...

You know I don't roll like that and every person I deal with cannot hold hatred in their hearts.

In adolescent we are creating our identity and trying to fit in, this is true across all cultures. If their environment is full of adults continually spewing forth hatred. That is what racism is, plain and simple hatred. To belong they will act out to prove their group affiliation.

What is influencing these families? What are they exposed to?

Racism is a disease and an addiction. What would happen if all attacks on our civil liberties that include racism were counteracted through mandated education?

D.U.I. = Alcohol Treatment
Noose = Basic Human Education

Racism furthers the lie that race even exists as a verifiable classification of the human race, which has no scientific evidence to support it.

Of course there are differences among peoples but this is not attributed to race but culture.

These youths driving around with nooses hanging off the back of their truck should be shown how it feels to have a noose around their necks and dragged through the streets.

They have become desensitized through the barrage of constant violence.

Bohemian Chick said...

This is getting absolutely ridiculous to say the least. Four nooses were found hanging from a tree at a high school in High Point, NC.

"Playing with nooses" is turning out to be the new fad it seems.

Believer said...

They did the right thing by calling the authorities. Hate only begets hate.

Wait until you see what I caught on camera today. I'll be back when it's posted.

Anonymous said...

This whol situation is crazy. This has been an exhausting week. I have heard so many ignorant people make the most outrageous comments about black people once again playing the race card and that we need to get over it. They think that we approve of Bell beating up the white kid. We dno't approve of violence, but we want equal protection under the law for him. He should not have been tried as an adult. After weeks of blogging and emailing the DAs office in Jena and the governor to the attending the Rally in DC on thurs to arguing with people on my blog who don't have a clue.. I am tired. Some people just don't get it and I don't think that they ever will; I'm tired yall just tired of ignorance

Jim.Legington said...

Hey there Villager,

Here is my thoughts on your question? Hope this helps the readers.

These are symptoms of a heart that is
not born again and filled with the
circumcision of Christ. Note: John 3:7

No, Nooses are not funny, they are the
symptoms of a heart not under the influence
of God's Word. You want to see even better
results among mankind in the earth, here
is a key for the humble, they will read
it and be glad. Our God Bless Mark 12:28-34,
John 17:17-21 Psalm 9:11

Makes no difference, until mankind gets
the understanding that the issues of life
flow from the heart, then we continue to
see symptoms of a heart not under the
influence of God's Word and therefore no
Eternal Spirit of life can exist.

Now that is the truth and You never have
to prop it up. God's Word still stands forever,
Do unto other as You would have them do unto You.
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.
Be Blessed always, Peace!

Unknown said...

Teach - Thank you for your kind words. Being a blogger this year has been an eye-opening experience for me. I'm grateful to you and other villagers that find value in the information that is shared here. I will feel better when the ignorance of racism is eliminated. I will feel better when young black boys aren't safe from unequal justice. Time will tell.

Danielle - I like the idea of mandatory education for fools that get into our criminal justice system. Unfortunately, that is not the way that our justice system works right now.

Unknown said...

BHC - Thanx for the 411 on the nooses in High Point, NC. I wasn't aware of that story until your comment. I've updated the post to reflect that new information.

Rosemarie - Of course, you are right ... but, turning the other cheek gets to be tiresome after awhile.

Native Son - Stay strong young brother! It was disappointing to learn that Mychal Bell wasn't released from jail or at least his bail reduced.

Jim - Your message is right on time ... all the time. Thank you for taking time to share it with us.

Believer said...

I finally posted about what I encountered yesterday, but decided against posting the picture. Stop on by!

Unknown said...

Rosemarie - Thank you for the invitation. I will head over there right now.

AAPP said...

Villager, I was going through my emails recently, looking at the chain of events regarding Jena 6, you were in fact one of the first members of the AfroSphere to blog about Jena 6.

Your leadership is timeless.

Thank you Villager


AAPP said...

PS, thank you to Francis Holland for providing the information from Howard Witt that initially got us all going. Francis, you, field, Free Slave, Adrianne,Skeptical Brotha, Bronze, Gem and so many other sisters and brothers of the AfroSphere can really charge up some sisters and brothers.

For those who want to play with nooses, it ain't no game. They will probably find out sooner than later. It's a new day.