September 14, 2007

K9 Castrates Black Teen in Oklahoma City

Drumbeats from Over Analyze It blog about a 15-year old having his scrotum bit off by a police dog after being caught joyriding in a stolen car. There is no upside to stealing a car, however, the punishment probably shouldn't be castration.


Believer said...

What is going on? He's 15 and went for a joyride! Most teenagers get into some trouble before they straighten up and fly right at age 20.

There's an underlying message that authorities are trying to convey. Nevertheless, there are better ways to resolve a problem.

Unfortunately, the 15-year-old was in pursuit. He should have given up easily and cooperated.

Unknown said...

Rosemarie - Yes, if it is true that he was resisting arrest after being stopped in the stolen car ... then he put himself in a precarious position. Getting his balls cut off may have been extreme, however, he should have given up after being caught.