September 2, 2011

Black Unemployment Stands at 16.7% in August 2011

The government has released another disappointing jobs report, indicating no change in the amount of nonfarm jobs in the United States. The unemployment rate remains at 9.1%.   The negative economic news is hitting the Black community harder than anyone as the unemployment rate for African Americans rose to 16.7% in August 2011.

I don't know what President Obama is going to recommend in his Jobs speech next week ... but, my hope is that he is going to have a bold plan that is memorable and that has a chance of working.   This unemployment rate is ridiculous.


Asad said...

It's not the governments function per se to provide us (black men and women) with jobs. The solution isn't to go to politicians with hat in hand, but to form collectives, build and invest in our own, create and support our own industries, and stop depending on an economic model that never has and never will work for us.



Unknown said...

Asad - There is no question that the Black community should engage in economic empowerment and unity as we work to build wealth and overcome the economic challenges we currently face. That said ... there is nothing wrong with the government doing all that it can to eliminate unemployment in the Black community.