September 18, 2011

Taser Death: Richard Kokenos (Warren MI)

It happened again! The story is confusing ... but, the outcome is not. 27-year old Richard Kokenos was pumped with 50,000 volts of electrcity up to three (3) times by Warren police officers. The young man was unarmed, in custody and in handcuffs at the time of the taser use by the police.   It appears that the dozen or so police officers were too wimpy to get the young man help.  In fact, the police turned away an ambulance that rushed to the scene.

Kokenos died shortly after the last taser blast into his body.

Kokenos died around the corner from his Warren home in front of a neighbor’s home. The neighbor shared what she heard between Warren police officers and Kokenos in the minutes before he died. [SOURCE]
"The police said Richard, stay on the ground and do not get up. They told him several times. They were telling him if he didn’t stay down they would have to tase him,” said the woman who didn’t want to be identified.

Another neighbor ... the one who called the police ... said that she was home with with her daughter and 11-year-old grandson when a man slammed his body against the house and tried to get in. It happened just before midnight. She said the man was sweating while pounding on the windows and screaming to get inside. She said he kept trying different doors until police arrived.

The dozen or so Warren police officers involved in this taser-related death have not been identified.

This is not the first taser-related killing by the Warren Police Department. Villagers may recall that they were involved in the tragic taser-related killing of teenager Robert Mitchell a couple of years ago.

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