September 21, 2011

Supreme Court Issues 7-Day Reprieve on Troy Davis Execution

It appears that the voice of the people was heard by the Supreme Court of the United States. Troy Davis was scheduled for execution at 7:00pm ET today. Our understanding is that the Supreme Court has issued a reprieve that could last a few hours ... or up to seven days. The reprieve gives the SCOTUS a chance to review the petition for a stay of execution.   

Oddly enough, it appears that Justice Clarence Thomas may be the one trying to get consensus from his peers on the court.    Clarence Thomas was born and raised in Georgia.  Perhaps this will be an opportunity for Clarence Thomas to do the right thing for Black people.

Troy Davis can still be executed if the Georgia authorities decide to do so.

It appears that the Georgia parole board had a close vote, 3-to-2, to deny clemency to Davis. There were people in that room who had doubts about his conviction. There is simply too much doubt to put this man to death.

The news on this case flowed through the Internet much quicker than I saw it on either cable or network television. I followed the flow on Twitter and with the live streaming taking place on Democracy Now in front of the Georgia prison where the execution was scheduled to take place.

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