September 3, 2011

Taser Death: Joshua Nossoughi (Springfield, MO)

It happened again! Actually, this taser-related death occurred back in July 2011. This time the poor soul who was electrocuted-to-death was 32-year old Joshua Nossoughi. The Greene County Sheriff's Department hasn't identified the deputies who killed Nossoughi. [SOURCE]

Nossoughi was hit twice with a taser, and died en route to the hospital. The young man was an accomplished classical pianist as well as a small business owner. He wasn't insane nor was he on drugs.

Preliminary autopsy results didn't show an obvious cause of death. Of course, the obvious cause of death could be the 50,000 volts of electricity that were pumped into the young man's body ... but, we'll wait to see the results from the autopsy.


chadnease17 said...

When will the arrogant police learn to stop using there death shot or taser prob only after 2000 deaths.let's start a petition and do nation wide protest that will be the best way to have them band.I miss you so much josh you were definitely a good friend.I will never forget.or how he might put it forgive the confused souls.:(:(:(

Unknown said...

Joshua - I don't think that the police will act differently until (a) some of them go to jail for their actions or (b) until a blue-eyed blonde-hair woman is killed in one of these taser cases.

Anyhow, please accept our prayers for the death of your friend.

Anya said...

A blue-eyed, blond-haired woman's husband died on July 9th, 2011.

Unknown said...

All - The authorities indicate that Mr. Nossoughi dies from overdoes of bath salts.