September 30, 2011

Taser Death: Bradford Gibson (Mt. Pleasant, MI)

It happened again! This time Mt. Pleasant (MI) police Sgt. Sean Paull used his taser gun on an unarmed man who was being disorderly at a bar on Saturday, September 24. Paull pumped over 50,000 volts of electricity on two separate occasions from his taser gun into the body of 35-year old Bradford Gibson.

Gibson died a few hours later while in police custody. Speculation is that the death was directly related to the taser gun usage.

The police indicate that Gibson was "out of control" and didn't comply with orders in a timely manner. It seems that Gibson was being quite a jerk inside of the bar. He is accused of grabbing women and such. Of course, the police seem to forget that the penalty for disorderly conduct or resisting arrest is not supposed to be death.

The police issued a report yesterday that included the following:

When told he had to leave the bar, Gibson at first did as he was instructed but then, when Paull arrived,

"It was apparent to me at this time that Gibson was not going to leave the property as requested," the officer said in the report. "I then asked Gibson to take a seat next to a cement pillar. I asked Gibson to sit down multiple times before he eventually complied and sat down in front of the pillar."

When Gibson stood again, Bliss told him he was under arrest for trespassing, and got his right hand cuffed, before Gibson began resisting, according to the report.

Police eventually got Gibson into the back seat of their patrol car.

Still, Gibson continued to try to get out of the car, Bliss drive stunned him twice on the leg, which moved him backwards enough for officers to shut the doors, according to the report.

An autopsy has been completed but results could take as long as two weeks.

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Unknown said...

All - Police have closed their investigation on this taser-related death. They say that he died of PCP overdose.