September 24, 2011

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Predicts Herman Cain Will Win Presidency

It's simple math. 1 + 1 = 2

1. Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) indicated that the winner of today's Florida Straw Poll would become the next president of the United States. [SOURCE]

1. Herman Cain is the upset winner of the Florida Straw Poll with 37 percent of the vote out of 2,657 ballots cast.

2. Therefore, Gov. Scott predicts Herman Cain is our next President of the United States.

I don't know if Scott is going to be prophetic. I do know that Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) was expecting to win this straw poll down in Florida. However, he did such a lousy job in recent GOP presidential debates ... that many of his supporters switched over to other candidates, including Cain.

The other surprise was that Michelle Bachmann came in DEAD LAST in the 7-person field. That would seem to put a nail in her coffin as a presidential candidate.

I imagine that the person who is in the background smiling about all of this is Mitt Romney. Anything that weakens Rick Perry is a positive thing for Mitt Romney.

Congratulations to Herman Cain for sticking around ... let's see if it results in better fundraising support for him over the coming days and weeks.


msladyDeborah said...

I am surprised by this result.

However, I am also skeptical of the prediction. Right now, the field of contenders has not thinned down enough to take this early shows of support as a determination of who will lead the GOP ticket.

This is probably got the conservatives rocking and reeling for the moment. But it is obvious that Perry, Romney and Bachmann are prepared to stay the course. I am more interested in seeing which one of them rises as a contender in our region of the nation. That's the person to keep our eyes on because that signals that they have the potential to carry urban and rural votes.This is just another moment of drama sponsored by the conservatives of this nation.

Unknown said...

Lady D - I've come to the conclusion that the vote last week in Florida was mostly an anti-Romney and anti-Perry vote. There seems to be a large part of the Republican primary voters who simply are unhappy with the front-runners and they vote for someone else to reflect that antipathy. A month ago in Iowa that vote went to Michelle Bachmann. When Perry first entered into the race he was getting that vote. Prior to that it was Donald Trump getting that vote. Last week it was Herman Cain.

re: Bachmann. I think that she will drop out of the race after she loses at the Iowa primary in January.