December 20, 2007

Black August: Movie About Black Panther George Jackson

It amazes me the information that slides by without notice. I did not know about movie called Black August until earlier this morning while visiting UltravioletUnderground. The film shares the story of George Jackson, a Black Panther ... and former boyfriend of Angela Davis. Take a moment to review the trailer:

What say u Villagers? Did you know about this movie? Do you plan to watch it?


Anonymous said...

Check out the above video. Very entertaining short video on black behavior.

Martin Lindsey said...

I'll share another title that almost slipped by me until it caught my eye on the DVD shelf in the library. It's called the Deacons for Defense starring Forest Whitaker.

It chronicles the little known story (I know I never read about them or heard any native Southerners talk about them) about Blacks who got fed up with KKK terrorism and formed armed militias to protect the Black populace and to retaliate in arms during the Civil Rights era. Different groups of this nature apparently formed all over the South in the 60's.

I'm going to do more of my own research on them but this would be a great group for you to write about Villager.

Unknown said...

Hi Villager,

I've tried to send you an email regarding a story that may be of some interest to you, but I'm not sure if you've received it. Could you plz drop me a line.

Unknown said...

boo - I rec'd your email. I'm on vacation in Los Angeles for the next week or so. I'm not able to stay current with blog stuff. I will work towards posting the information you shared when I kept back home next week.

Unknown said...

Martin - I agree with you totally. I came across Deacons for Defense earlier this year. Here is my post on the subject!