August 7, 2008

Internal Reparations

Barack Obama recently indicated that he opposes 'external reparations'. Many villagers are troubled by the idea of having the government follow-up on their apology with a modern-day version of 40 acres and a mule.

I think that Obama and most villagers would be in favor of 'internal reparations'. The late Ken Bridges talked about 'internal reparations' in the following talk given at a rally in Washington DC.

Ken Bridges, the co-founder of the MATAH Network, dedicated his life to the upliftment of African Americans. Ken was the 10th victim of the Washington DC snipers on October 11, 2002. What do you think about his comments on 'internal reparations'?


Danielle said...

Checked out the Neocon Express and saw in the comments stuff like I never did nothing to African Americans why should I pay now or my European ancestors were ostracized too in the same breath as slavery was horrible.

For me it's all about keeping promises. Treaties made with the Native American tribes and that there 40 acres and a mule. Those were promises made on paper that America needs to honor.

If reparations are to be made, please understand it ain't coming from our income taxes. Our income tax {which is unconstitutional} covers the interest on the national debt and goes straight into the Federal Reserve a non-governmental agency.

The American Promise and Dream of unhindered potential based on individual ability was not accessible to African Americans for too long. Social issues stemming from slavery and racism have been generationally perpetuated.

The lives of our ancestors does affect us today, in so many different ways. We, ourselves are the ancestor's of tomorrow.

I say it's high time that all of our boots are equipped with straps.

Light and Love all the day long.

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All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

i just dont get how we are obamafied, true i like jonbes, but as mccain he play me like i cant think, so go aheasd Label me Cow
cause i got beef with himequally as mccain

Dazjae said...


I agree that the promise of 40 acres and a mule (a modern day equivalent) needs to be honored, period.

I am also feeling Torrance's sentiments, above.

I couldn't be less impressed with Obama, especially after he agreed to sign away our freedoms with the FISA bill.

I'm all about Cynthia Mckinney at this point. She's honest and not playing the bait and switch game.

Unknown said...

Danielle & RDawg - I appreciate your village voice. Personally, I don't expect 'external' reparations from our government...

PZ - I admit that I appreciate Obama based on his upbringing and what he offers to me, my family and our nation. I think of McKinney as a 'carpet-bagger' and I don't take her very serious.


Hey there Villager,

Getting 40 acres and a mule...or the equivalent...would mean WHAT....every black person receives residential and commercial real estate and a grant to start a business?

Are black folks SERIOUSLY thinking we will get that? *LOL*

Hmmmmm....internal reparations....I will have to think more about it and then write something when I have organized my positions....

As for your view on Cynthia McKinney...why do you feel she should not be taken seriously...have you seen the video "AMERICAN BLACKOUT" that is online about her campaign? I felt it was compelling....

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Unknown said...

Lisa - You are willing to consider the concept of 'internal reparations'. So, I will take a new look at Cynthia McKinney...