August 14, 2008

Top Five Black Blogs

Electronic Village was honored to be named in the list of ' Top Five Black Blogs ' by the I Date White blog owned and operated by Eathan.

Eathan is self-proclaimed single, hard working, motivated, dedicated father of 2 sons who loves his kids, sports, traveling, exotic sports cars, wine, music and technology. The twist is that Eathan is a Black male who exclusively dates white women.

Eathan's top five Black blogs (with Black Blog Ranking in parenthesis) are:
  1. Black Tennis Pro (BBR #31)
  2. SingleBlackMale (BBR #281)
  3. Verysmartbrothas (BBR #151)
  4. Baggage Reclaim (BBR #190)
  5. Electronic Village (BBR #25)

I will admit that I never heard of three of the blogs on this list until today. So, I'm very grateful to Eathan for sharing his thoughts on the matter with us.

Have you considered who your favorite Black bloggers might be?


Unknown said...

congrats folk.

Unknown said...

Braincell - Asante sana!