August 15, 2008

NAACP Releases Presidential Candidates' Civil Rights Questionnaire

Drumbeats from The Wichita NAACP Blog informed us that the NAACP Presidential candidates Civil Rights questionnaire featuring responses from Senators Obama and McCain is complete and available!

My view of the NAACP evolved over the past year to the point that I've decided to renew my membership in the NAACP Cincinnati Branch. The organization demonstrated greater relevance last month when both presidential candidates came to the NAACP annual convention held in Cincinnati OH.

In conjunction with those speeches, the NAACP sent a questionnaire to both candidates with questions on issues important to people of African descent. These issues include not only basic civil rights, but also criminal justice, economic development, education, election reform, health, housing, labor and international relations. All of the questions reflect issues that have been developed by the NAACP grassroots membership and the Board of Directors and are priorities for the NAACP.

Anyhow, I invite all villagers to download and read the full Q&A session with both candidates. How often have you thought that it would be good to go beyond the commercials to get insights from the candidates on the issues?

I'm interested to hear your village voice on the answers provided by McCain and Obama. What say u?



Hey there!

Thanks for providing this Questionnaire! I will link to your post at my blog! (smiles)

Obama is a master politician who CAN NOT BE trusted by black America to protect our interests...his focus is on making sure the white voters are pleased with him and not threatened by him and his wife.

Of the two candidates, Obama is the superior candidate...but since McCain is battling senility, THAT really doesn't say much to be more intelligent and more coherent on the issues than McCain.

{shaking my head}

Unknown said...

Lisa - Dayum girl! You are hard on Barack Obama. Is it fair to say that none of the 44 presidents before Barack could be "trusted by Black America to trust our interests"? If so, isn't it also fair to say that at least this brother knows what our issues are?

I figure that he'll be the first POTUS (if elected) to have read the Autobiography of Malcolm X. That's worth a vote all by itself!