August 5, 2008

John McCain is Losing Black Vote by Over 90% Because He is Clueless and a Liar

Recent polls show that John McCain is only polling 2% of the African American population. One reason is that McCain has never shown any concern for issues that impact on the Black community. Another reason is that McCain is quite willing to lie whenever the mood suits him.

Check out this video of press conference held earlier this month.

First, McCain is stumped when asked to give specific examples of things that he has done to support the Black community. The sound of crickets could be heard in the background!

Second, McCain gives an outright lie about the King Holiday in the state of Arizona. McCain was against the King Holiday being celebrated in Arizona level.

When McCain first came to Congress in 1983, he opposed creating a federal holiday. The House vote was 338-90 and President Reagan signed the bill into law later that year.

In fact, he used the occassion of King's birthday earlier this year to APOLOGIZE for his poor judgement in opposing the MLK holiday.

Either McCain is a bigtime liar who thinks he can get away with it ... or he is old and simply doesn't remember.

In either case, he should not be the next POTUS. That's my take. What say u?


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

guess u aint read my post this morning. crook by another name is John McCain

Unknown said...

RDawg - I went by and read your post. It was great!

Kristin said...

Villager I personally have never had a problem voting for a republican. I tend to vote for whom ever has my interest at the forefront. I don’t see that in McCain, Obama has my support for many reasons one being his stance on education ( however, McCain presents a sort of untrustworthiness that people are so blindly willing to believe shrouds Obama. McCain will likely incite another war with his bellicose rhetoric and that is something all Americans can ill afford to see happen.

Unknown said...

Jazzy - I rarely see republican candidates bringing issues to the table that are favorable to people of African descent. I never see support for Black candidates in state or national elections. Republicans truly could care less about Black folks ... and McCain is no different!