August 28, 2008

I Have A Dream ... 45 Years Later!

It has been a remarkable presidential campaign already. I remember listening to Barack Obama's victory speech after his victory in Iowa with tears of joy. We experienced the ups and downs of the next months of the campaign. We've documented much of it on this blog.

In a few hours we may see something that we will talk about for the rest of our lives. We will see a Black man accepting the nomination to become the most powerful human being on earth! The first 43 men in the job were white.

Now we have a chance to do what Martin Luther King Jr. could only dream about.

I join other villagers in saying a prayer of strength and wisdom for Barack Obama as he talks with us later tonight. I invite all villagers to share their thoughts in the COMMENTS section. What say u?


Monica Roberts said...

I was crying during some parts of this speech. I was thinking about my late grandmother who would have dearly loved to have seen this.

We have 58 days of hard work ahead of is to get him his first term. said...

Season of Change

Breaking convention
breaking conventions
with speech and
deeds done
hearts won
waves and waves
and tides
and change
yes we can
he says
yes we can
he says
to hearts
and minds
and time
and time
his story
win or lose
stop wasting time
on slice and dice
find a reason
to change
rise above
the cage
and chains
take it back
take hold
grab hold
and dont let go
change fast
change slow
yes you can
yes you can
yes we can
says the man
as I stand in line
waiting for time
to catch up
with the tides.

iriegal said...

I concur with you Wayne. I like many other cried because he told a story so many could relate too.

I ask God to give him and his family the wisdom and strength in moving forward to the next chapter

Unknown said...

Monica - Oddly enough, I didn't get as emotional during Obama's acceptance speech as i have in other speeches made by him or others. However, I had a great sense of pride to see him stand firm in his attacks on Bush-Cheney-McCain. I'm very proud of what Obama has done and I agree with you ... it is time for all of us to get busy!

Kijik - Amen! Well said. I agree that we can do this ... YES WE CAN!

Iriegal - Obama knocked the ball out of the part last night. He showed himself to be a leader in a large way. He showed himself to be a serious leader...