August 3, 2008

Nia Abdallah vs Diana Lopez * Who Won the Fight?

Beijing Olympics open this week. One young sister who will not be there is Nia Abdallah. She won the silver medal in 2004. She wanted to go for the gold in 2008.

Instead, she will be watching it on television along with the rest of us. The judges said she lost her qualifying bout with Diana Lopez. So, Lopez is representing the United States and Nia is sitting home.

Watch the bout in the video below. You be the judge!

Nia Abdallah vs Diana Lopez - Olympic Qualifying Match

Who won in your opinion? Anyhow, I encourage you to visit her blog. Methinks that Sis. Abdallah is gonna need some love from all of us over the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hey Villager.

As someone who knows next to nothing about how Karate is scored, I gotta be honest and say it's hard for me to say what's supposed to count for points and what isn't. From a purely visual standpoint, yeah, it looked to me like Nia was more aggressive and scoring more hits. And she definitely put Lopez on the floor several times. But as much as I want to say Nia walked away with it, I would be making that judgment based on a video that wasn't close enough or clear enough for me to make that assessment. Especially since, like I said, I don't even know karate. But I am definitely sorry the sister didn't make the team.

Unknown said...

Keith - I feel ya! I actually have never seen a tae kwon do match until this weekend ... so I don't know much about the scoring. It does seem to the amateur eye that Lopez won the fight ... but, at the end of the day she probably wishes that she did more so that the judges had no choice but to give her the win...

Unknown said...

I actually read that Nia Abdallah tried to sue Diana Lopez and USA Taekwondo. She didn't win but I guess they both had to pay some fines.

I saw Nia compete in 2004 Olympics. She is a good martial artist however, I didn't care much for her attitude.

Unknown said...

Brian - Do you know offhand how Diana Lopez did in Beijing?