August 14, 2008

Joey Cheeks Appears on Colbert Report

Last week, Team Darfur president and co-founder Joey Cheek had his visa revoked by the Chinese government less than 24 hours before he was supposed to leave to attend the Beijing Olympic Games.

Since then, Barack Obama and John McCain both issued statements of support, and in an interview with Bob Costas on NBC President Bush said: “Joey Cheek has just got to know that I took the Sudanese message for him. My attitude is, is if you got relations with Mr.Bashir, think about helping to solve the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. That was my message to the Chinese government.” (SOURCE)

Tonight, Joey will be interviewed on the Colbert Report. The Colbert Report airs on Comedy Central at 11:30 pm, and repeats tomorrow at 8:30 pm.

Please watch this evening, and if you haven’t already, please send a message of support to Team Darfur athletes.


Randall said...

As I understand things, the Chinese government has kept a number of public figures from visiting the Olympic Games. It's certainly not in keeping with the spirit of the games.

Unknown said...

Randall - Not the spirit of the games ... but, it is the spirit of Communist China...