March 10, 2007

March Madness

I went to the ESPN website to make my picks for the upcoming NCAA men's basketball championship tournament ... otherwise known as March Madness. I don't place bets on these games or this 64-team pool. However, I do enjoy seeing how many points I get in the ESPN contest. My college upgraded it's athletics department to Division 1 a year or so ago. As such, we were not good enough for the final 64. In fact, truth to tell the UCR Highlanders were awful this past year.

However, there is another school in the University of California system that did make the tournament ... UCLA Bruins. UCLA made it to the final game last year before losing to Florida. I figure that they will make it to the Final Four again this year. In order to get there they will need to upset Kansas.

My picks for the Elite 8 are: Florida vs. Wisconsin, Georgetown vs. Texas, Kentucky vs. UCLA and Ohio State vs Texas A&M. Each of these matchups in the Elite 8 on my bracket picks are compelling.

My Final Four selections are: Ohio State, Georgetown, Wisconsin and UCLA.

My sentimental favorite is probably Georgetown ... but, I see Ohio State (a college that I truly dislike based on the fact that my parents met & married during their University of Michigan days) with too much talent for Georgetown. On the other side, I think that UCLA will have the experience to get by Wisconsin.

This brings us to a championship game of UCLA and Ohio State. Which brings me back to my alma mater allegience. UCLA is the sister campus of UC-Riverside. That is enough for me. I'm going with the UCLA Bruins to hoist the championship trophy later this month.
  • Final 4 Update: PTS: 890 PCT: 73.8 RANK: 769,456
  • Elite 8 Update: PTS: 650 PCT: 61.7 RANK: 1,126,325
  • Second Round Update: PTS: 490 PCT: 91.2 RANK: 259,059
  • First Round Update: PTS: 270 PCT: 94.5 RANK: 161,646
Care to leave a comment on your Final Four selections? Who is your pick for NCAA championship this year?

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Theo J. said...

I'm a Texas A&M grad, so I'm going to have to hate on your Final Four picks. But thanks for putting them in the Elite 8.

This has been an amazing year for the team.