December 20, 2013

Old School Friday * The Emotions

Do any of y'all remember The Emotions? I remember them as being three Nubian sisters with powerful voices and lyrics that seemed to hit home more often than not. One of the first songs I remember from this is Don't Ask My Neighbors

My favorite song by The Emotions was on the radio back in 1976. If you listen to the full song you will hear a message that brothers today need to hear more than they needed it back then. Don't you agree?

Finally, it is Christmas time. In fact, the reason that I created this blog post was to highlight this next song -- sometimes it hits home more than I like. Have you ever wondered what the lonely do for Christmas?


Martin Lindsey said...

I never knew the name of that second song. Now I can save it. Thanks.

Regina said...

I love the Emotions! And "What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas time" is one of my favorite songs (albeit a little depressing!) but still a favorite!
Great post!

Villager said...

Martin - Glad to be of assistance. We need to get you engaged on this weekly meme. Doable?

Regina - Thanx for visiting and more to the point ... thanx for making a COMMENT ... so few people leave comments nowadays!

Carolyn Moon said...

The Emotions were one of my favorite groups.

They could sing...harmonize. What I loved about this group is that their Dad was the guitarist as well as manager and musical director.

It's was a family affair.

Yes Villager lets do this!!

Villager said...

Carolyn - I didn't know about the group's father being active in their career. Well done...