August 22, 2011

Taser Death: Montalito McKissick (Oklahoma City, OK)

It happened again! This time 37-year old Montalito McKissick was killed by taser-wielding Oklahoma City police officers Sgt. Daniel Godsil and Officer Justin Walters on Sunday, August 21st. The police had been called to the El Dorado Club to break up a fight. It appears that McKissick decided he didn't want to stick around to be questioned by police. Godsil and Walters gave chase and used reached out to McKissick with at least 50,000 volts of electricity from their tasers. [SOURCE]

After they handcuffed him, officers noticed McKissick wasn't breathing. Moments later McKissick was declared dead.

McKissick may be a bad guy with plenty of prior arrests ... but, last I heard, the penalty for resisting arrest was much less severe than the DEATH PENALTY. McKissick did not deserve to die for his stupidity.

As is routine in these taser-killings ... the police immediately reported that drugs may be involved. Police said a paramedic discovered a baggie lodged in the victim's throat.

One thing that I learned from this story ... and especially from the interviews in the video ... is that Oklahoma City is truly a wild west town!  Folks seem pretty upfront about their willingness to use a shotgun to get frontier justice.


Unknown said...

So you are saying that it is the police's fault that this idiot swallowed bag of crystal while he was running from the police and they were forced to use tthey're taser on him INSTEAD of a gun and you still proclaim it is the cops fault? You are aas naive, clueless, always playing the victim babble boo as the dude in StlLouis shooting at people and got dropped by thecops. Yet you moronic asswipes still bblame everybody except yourselves. If youddon'tllike the police then don't do anything to make them interact with you, and don't make up that roody poo sstatement tthat cops only mess withyyouvbecause you are black. Maybe it is because its 3 am and you just shot a dude because you are a ccoward to scared to fight an Dcatch a ass whooping. Have some accountability and if bblackllivesmatter mmovement truly cares then why no go to Chicago and stop all this black on black violence
P. S Iknow you are going to delete thisbut I jjust re post it

Wayne Hicks said...

Your comment wasn't deleted. However, it is pretty gutless to sign it 'Unknown'.