June 5, 2012

Black Enterprise Media Interviews Wayne Bennett (The Field Negro)

I encourage all 'villagers' to take a moment to check out the insights shared by Wayne Bennett, creator of The Field Negro blog as documented by Black Enterprise Media on YouTube. Field explains how he uses his blog to initiate critical thinking and dialogue within the Black community about a wide range of issues relevant to people of color. He also shares the origin of the blog's name!

This is a nice feature by Black Enterprise Media. I look forward to further video vignettes of Black bloggers around the nation.

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Carolyn Moon said...

Thank you for this. I wanted to attend the conference this year but could not, however, I will begin efforts to get things together so I can attend the next one.

Electronic Village and Field Negro were a few of the initial blogs I frequented before I decided to become a blogger.

Your efforts and information sharing are appreciated. Believe that!!