October 27, 2012

Melissa Harris-Perry Shares Her 'Open Letter to Richard Mourdock'

I woke up this morning and turned on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show. She affectionately refers to her show as 'Nerdland'. The first segment of the show focused on the issue of shadow money in politics. I admit that I wasn't too interested in that segment and I found myself more focused on cleaning out my email inbox than the show at that point. However, Melissa came on after a commercial to indicate that she had written an 'Open Letter to Richard Mourdock' earlier in the week. She wanted to share that open letter with those of us in Nerdland.

I was blown away by the content of her letter and the passion of her delivery. I invite you to see what I saw in this 4-minute video clip:

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What are your thoughts after hearing this 'open letter'? I wonder if Richard Mourdock ... or those who might have thought about voting for him ... will have any response?


Reggie said...

For the life of me, I can't imagine why ANY woman would vote Republican this year.

The other day I engaged my boss in a conversation about politics. She's Latina, but she's a very conservative woman. She started talking about BOs legacy and what she saw as missed opportunities and broken promises. I agreed with her as to the missed opportunities of the first two years; however, unlike her, I don't see Mittens as a viable option.

The man that wins this election will have an opportunity to shape America for years to come through the Supreme Court. I don't trust Mittens and his Anti-Christ Veep candidate. I just don't trust them and I honestly don't understand why a woman would either.

Unknown said...

Bravo! That was very well put.

Unknown said...

Reggie - I appreciate your boss's comments. I can understand why the Hispanic community is disappointed because of the lack of comprehensive immigration reform. I'm hopeful that Obama will tackle this in 2013 (after dealing w/ debt / deficit issue).

Black Man - She nailed it...

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