February 20, 2013

Village Tip: Simple Math Formula for Getting a Sale

We will share occasional Village Tips in support of the Declaration of Financial Empowerment. Today's tip is for those of you who need improved sales to grow your business.

In science and math, once you figure out the formula needed to achieve your desired result, you have a can't-miss method to getting what you want every time you use it. Wouldn't it be great if everything you wanted in life could be achieved through a simple formula?

Well, there isn't a formula for everything you want, but there is a formula for getting a sale. Once you understand this formula and learn how to initiate it, you can get all the sales you want.

Are you ready? Okay, here it is: Trust + Respect + Need = Sales.

Now that's not so hard. At least there's no long division or algebra.

The trust and respect part of the formula mean that you need to develop solid relationships with your potential customers. You can instill a sense of trust by showing the buyer that you care more about their end of the deal than your own. People are hesitant to trust those who are solely concerned about themselves. To let the customer know that you care about their success, let them do the talking while you do the listening.  Speak when they need you to speak, but listen to them so they know that you are concerned about their needs.

To build a relationship of respect, follow through on the things you promise. Don't miss appointments, respond in a timely manner, and let them know that you value their business.

During your time spent building trust and respect, you will discover what their particular need is. Once you know that, do everything in your power to meet that need and you will have the sale.

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