March 17, 2013

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Calls a Black Man 'Boy' During Town Hall Meeting

Chris Christie (R-NJ) is the toast of the town in many circles. There is hope that he will change the fortunes of the Republican Party by running in the 2016 presidential election cycle. If so, he is going to need to find a better way to communicate with Black men. Calling us 'boy' while on stage with a microphone in his hands ain't a good political move.

In his response to a constituent at a town hall meeting, here is what Christie said,
You can yell all you want about ‘fix the public schools.’ Yeah, I hear ya, boy, I hear ya. I hear what you’re saying, but let me tell you something else. What I hear is the despair, I hear the despair of folks all over this state.”

I don't see any justification for Gov. Christie to call a grown man by the name, 'boy'. It is a racial code word that shines a light into the character of the man. Do you agree?


Daij said...

I bristle at the mere thought of a white person calling me boy

Unknown said...

Daij - 'Boy'. 'Wetbacks'. 'Filthy'. These are words that keep coming out from the Republican Party leaders. When will they learn?