June 26, 2013

Republican Party Isn't Serious About Outreach to Women or Minorities

Following the 2012 election cycle, Republicans released an autopsy report chronicling their numerous failings. They promised to change their ways and reach out to groups who have been alienated by the GOP's extreme policies and rhetoric. Here's a look at what they've done instead.

It captures in dramatic fashion how Republicans have made no effort to change their ways to reach out to and be more tolerant towards women, African Americans, Latinos, young people and the LGBT community despite an autopsy report released 100 days ago today which said it must do so to be a viable national party. If anything, Republicans have gone the other way – using more extreme rhetoric and taking more extreme positions than ever. Truth is, the Grand Old Party is just the Same Old Party it has been.

Perhaps it's time for GOP chair Reince Priebus to give a call to Aaron Laramore. He's got some tips on how the Republican Party can better reach out to Black folks.


Aaron Laramore said...

If I had the time, I would make a video that does a better job of making the case than this one does. My particular concern with GOP behavior is focused on their interface with the black community, and there was very little of that in this video. Seemed to be dominated by the abortion debate, which I would argue the black community doesn't support as strongly as the overall democratic party does, we've just been co-opted into it. Our pastors are largely silent on the issue, somebody explain that. The black community isn't on board in terms of LGBT issues. We're still a socially conservative set of folks who are largely Christian. We're tolerant, but we're not wholesale on board the LGBT bandwagon, though probably among the last holdouts as a voting constituency on the democratic side.

So on issues affecting black folk, this video does not say a whole lot that speaks to us. The premise is a good one, you could make an awesome video about how when it comes to blacks and latinos, the GOP is falling way short of their rhetoric in the autopsy report. This isn't that video though.

Thanks for the shoutout on my tip series. I'm trying to tell them. I'm actually communicating a bit with RNC of late. They might read the tips. We'll see if they take any of them.

Reggie said...

It might take yet another loss in a national election for the GOP to get it.

Right now, they're like a neutered dog, they just don't get it.

The demographics are no longer on their side and as time goes on, it's only gonna get worse.

Wayne Hicks said...

All - I watched Michael Steele on Meet The Press today. GOP would have been well-served to keep him in leadership position back in the day.