July 26, 2013

Taser Death: Dainell Simmons (Suffolk County, NY)

It happened again. This time an autistic 29-year old Dainell Simmons was in need of help. The folks at the group home where he lived called 911 to seek assistance. Three unidentified Suffolk County police officers arrived. The officers initially were able to calm Simmons after they were summoned to the Maryhaven Center of Hope facility, a tidy, two-story house with brown shingles and black and white trim in Middle Island. [SOURCE]

But when they told Simmons they were taking him to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, he began kicking and punching them ... and within minutes one officer began to pepper spray the mentally-ill man, while the other two police officers unleashed their taser guns on Mr. Simmons. He was tased at least twice by the officers.

Simmons became unresponsive. He was transported to John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, where he died.

The police told reporters that Simmons was acting "violent and uncontrollably" and that the decision to use a Taser appeared appropriate under the circumstances. Of course, that is usually how the police try to justify the unjustifiable. There were multiple police officers at the scene. Mr. Simmons was unarmed and he was autistic. Perhaps there are better ways to handle the situation then to pump 50,000 volts of electricity into his body on multiple occasions?


pinamia said...

Sign my petition.


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Wayne Hicks said...

Pinamia - I signed the online petition today. Thank you!

Wayne Hicks said...

All - The family of Dainell Simmons filed a $20 million lawsuit against the powers-that-be for the taser death of their son.

KayleighsMom309 said...

I worked with Dainell Simmons before he moved into that house I will tell you with complete truth that the police used unnessacary force! He was not a violent individual he was like a big teddy bear who loved to sing, mostly r kelly but such a loving man who looked forward to seeing his mom every visit!!

KayleighsMom309 said...

I also signed as a former employee of the day hab that Dainell attended and I became friends With this patient l. I have already reached out to his family with condolences when he passed and told them I would completely be available for any statements that there had to be wrong doing as Dainell was a non violent individual