August 23, 2013

Online Petition: Call on Federal Government to Regulate Tasers

Morgan Brown is an activist who wants to eliminate taser-related deaths in America. He recently created an online petition to 'Call on Federal Government to Regulate Stun Guns'. The petition reads as follows:

Although it might be true that neither bullets or gunpowder are used in the deployment of Tasers or other stun guns, and even when the intention of the shooter is not to seriously maim or kill, nonetheless, these weapons are still deployed much like firearms and other lethal weapons in use by police and civilians, firing projectiles and also, no matter what the purported causes given whenever serious bodily injury or deaths occur after their use, these weapons employ enough energy with which to be lethal; either that or serious bodily injury or death can result afterwards, whether from the impact of a fall or other circumstance involved. This can particularly be the case when these weapons are used on certain populations who are at greater risk of serious bodily injury or even death.

It is deeply disturbing about how, more often than not, these weapons are deployed on unarmed citizens and most especially on people with disabilities, people living homeless, young children, senior citizens and so on, including when these individuals have not been a danger to others or themselves.

In fact, it has been the case that these weapons are being used for matters of mere non-compliance as well as convenience and, sometimes -- particularly when used in 'drive stun' mode -- apparently even to inflict pain as a means of torture.

It is obvious that this is a matter sorely in need of proper governmental intervention, oversight, regulation and enforcement.

How much serious bodily injury or how many more deaths are necessary in order to finally have something meaningful and real happen in order to change how and when Tasers and other stun guns are used?

Is it not time to call on the federal government to govern and regulate the law enforcement and civilian use of Tasers or other stun guns, just as they do with the law enforcement and civilian use of firearms and other lethal weapons?

Tasers kill. That is why I signed a petition to President Barack Obama and U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (Vermont), which reads:

"The undersigned petitioners call on the Government of the United States to govern and regulate the law enforcement and civilian use of Tasers as well as other stun guns in the exact same manner it governs and regulates the law enforcement and civilian use of firearms and other lethal weapons."

Villagers, if you agree with the above petition language, please sign onto this petition calling on President Obama and the U.S. Congress to take action:


Morgan W. Brown said...

In addition to the MoveOn stun gun regulation petition, please also consider signing onto the White House petition on the subject and, afterwards, help spread the word as well, here.

Thank you in advance.


Wayne Hicks said...

Morgan - I appreciate you for your willingness to propose some action to bring attention to this taser torture issue. Thank you very much for doing what you do!

Morgan W. Brown said...

Thank you, Wayne. You're welcome.

Your work and efforts in these and related regards are deeply appreciated and highly valued as well.