September 6, 2013

Don't Let Your Teen's Future Go Up In Smoke

I notice that the laws and restrictions on the use of marijuana have been going away in many places around the country. I don't sense much happening with those types of laws here in Ohio. I have two teenagers ... so I'm glad. Personally, I don't think that marijuana and teens are a good mix -- especially when it comes to learning and academic success.

We know that all young people face challenges as they grow and mature and that the dangers and temptations of drugs are all around. We also know that as a parent or someone who cares about young people, you want the very best for them; you want them to do even better than you did and lead productive lives.

While overall drug use among teens continues to drop, there are still too many brilliant young people whose potential is ruined. Don't let drugs destroy their chance of going to college or landing a good career.
Parents and family are still the most important influence in young peoples' lives so keep the lines of communication open, set a clear, 'no marijuana' rule, stay involved, and continue to discuss the dangers and consequences of drug use. You make a difference. Knowing that education is the key to a better tomorrow, you have the power to protect their potential and help lead them on the road to success.

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