March 26, 2014

'Scandal' Star Columbus Goes Gladiator on Some Fool

Columbus Short -- who plays gladiator Harrison Wright on 'Scandal' -- was involved in a bar fight in which the other guy ended up in the hospital. The fight happened on March 15 at a engagement party in Los Angeles. The other guy made some rude comments about the actor's wife.

Evidently, he made one comment too many as Short punched him in the face. The 37-year old victim was knocked out for several minutes before being taken to the hospital.

This week the police finished their investigation and a judge issued the warrant for Short’s arrest on charges of felony aggravated battery. The reason it’s a felony is because there was serious bodily injury involved.

If he’s convicted, Short faces a sentence of four years in prison. His bond has been set at $50,000, and he has yet to turn himself in to police.

Columbus Short may discover that Kerry Washington ain't no Olivia Pope in the real world!


Carolyn Moon said...

It's understandable that Mr. Short would want to defend the honor of his wife and I can't help but wonder just how out of line this guy was to get the knockout punch. Community service and a fine are just punishments and possibly this will be a turning point for this injured young man in how he approaches women, married or single.

Wayne Hicks said...

Carolyn - It may have been a turning point for Columbus Short as well. I can't believe that Scandal dropping his character from the show is unrelated to this (and other similiar) incidents that displayed a lack of control...

Carolyn Moon said...

I agree after learning several other incidents of poor impulse control. His character was essential at first and I wanted his character developed further but Shonda has the final word and she's been quite successful thus far.