November 23, 2014

Author Carleen Brice Welcomes White Folks to the Black Section of the Bookstore

Soulclap to Black Threads in Kid's Lit for sharing this video with us!

Carleen Brice
You don't see many white folks perusing the Black Literature section of the book store. Perhaps they just need an invitation!

Carleen Brice is the author of the novel Orange Mint and Honey ... her debut novel is the basis for the NAACP Image Award-winning Lifetime TV movie "Sins of the Mother" starring Jill Scott and Nicole Beharie.

Carleen asks that in December everybody buy a book by a Black author and give it to somebody not Black.  The video is ironic in nature ... but, it doesn't hide the problem that Black authors may not be getting maximum revenue potential if their books are not being promoted to larger audiences. Something to consider next time you visit a local bookstore!

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