January 18, 2007

National College

It appears that I will need to polish up on my speaking skills. I accepted another invitation to stand in front of a room of people. This time I will be talking to a classroom of students at National College on January 24. The class is Introduction to Business. The instructor is Thomas Jefferson. Professor Jefferson asked that I speak to the class on my steps to career success. He also wants me to share a little about how technology is impacting business in today's domestic and global markets. Anyhow, wish me luck on this presentation. Share your 'comment' or thoughts on how you feel that technology is impacting business in today's domestic and global markets.

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Villager said...

I spoke with Tom Jefferson's business class at National College today. There were six students in the class. We talked for about an hour on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. In the Q&A session afterwards the students wanted to know about my personal journey to business ownership as well as the specific services that my incubator offers to small business owners. I enjoyed the class very much. In fact, I think that National College and CBI will formalize a written strategic alliance in the near future. There are about two dozen campus locations in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Virginia. The Cincinnati campus offers associate degrees in technology, business and medical industry disciplines. There were three fully operational computer labs in the campus building. I encourage any Villager interested in post-secondary education to check it out.