April 21, 2007

We are 98,648 and rising!

The Electronic Village reached a milestone today. Technorati ranks our blog as one of the top 100,000 in the world. Today (4/21/07) we ranked: 98,648. Only another 98,639 blogs to pass in order to reach the Top 10! Doesn't seem like much until you realize that we were at about 2.3 million a few weeks ago!

Our rise in rankings on Technorati is result of a number of factors including the increased focus that we place on information that is uplifting for African Americans. My observation is that the traditional media is not fair and balanced when it comes to reporting on issues that impact the Black community. As such, our Electronic Village provides a welcome outlet for positive, proactive and honest dialogue on these issues. We will continue to move in that direction over the coming weeks.

The number of visitors to the Electronic Village continues to grow. Our decision to join social networking communities such as MyBlogLog led to increasing number of bloggers and blog readers coming to visit our village. We have never been a 'hot community' in the MyBlogLog family, however, we do consistency reach out to a growing number of 'contacts' in that venue. Currently, we have over 540 'contacts' from MyBlogLog community ... including most of the African American bloggers that we could locate based on their blog content or avatar photo. MyBlogLog has some useful widgets and statistics as well.

AfroSpear is a new afrocentric community of bloggers. The first AfroSpear action alert came out earlier this week as a result of a tragic police shooting down in the metro Atlanta area. I am interested to see how the focused energy of the AfroSpear is used over the coming weeks and months. I've added a distinct blogroll on the left-hand navigation bar showing those other blogs that participate in the AfroSpear. Of course, you can also tell from the AfroSpear logo when you have landed on a blog that supports the AfroSpear mission.

There are a number of bloggers that support the Electronic Village.

  1. Danielle (Modern Musings) - I nominated Danielle for the Thinking Bloggers Award in the past. Most recently, she made me aware of the Wordless Wednesday meme. She took some extra time to walk me through some of the widget set-up for that weekly meme.

  2. Keith (The 'D' Spot) - Keith is one of the most creative bloggers that I've come across. His writing skills are outstanding. He paints a picture with his words that is compelling and humorous. He mixes serious topics with not-so-serious topics. I try to visit his blog on a daily basis.

  3. Paula (Paula Neal Mooney Blog) - Paula causes me to dream that I can monetize the Electronic Village. I haven't realized any success in making money from my blogging efforts yet! However, I regularly add ideas to this blog based on 'best practices' that I see on Paula's blog. Plus, she willingly shares the details on her efforts to make money.

  4. field (The Field Negro) - field is a brother with an intense perspective on life that is forcefully displayed in his blog postings. We recently added Village Hero and Village Movie features that are direct result of 'best practices' that I found on The Field Negro blog. field is also part of the AfroSpear network.
There are many others. I plan to share updates on other blogs and bloggers regularly. In the meantime, you can see my various blogrolls over on the left-side of our village ... each of the bloggers listed in my blogrolls brings something special to the party.

At the end of the day, it comes down to you. You are the villagers that make this place worthwhile. Your village voices on our postings are important part of the flava that we are trying to create. I encourage you to subscribe to the Electronic Village so that you don't miss out on any of the vibe from our village!

I work to keep the Electronic Village relevant and timely. Please let me know if there are features that you've observed on other blogs that you think would work here in our village. Our success is directly tied to your insights, comments and voices. What say u?


James said...

I am really happy to see your outstanding effort getting props, I do think you can go all the way. I hope to hit the top 20000 by year end and I think you will surpass that. I started blogging in mid October of last year and only recently, the past few months even knew what the ratings are.You are in the top 1.33 in the world. Keep hope alive

Villager said...

James - Please share the URL for your blog here so that other villager can support your efforts. Thank you for the encouragement. I see that you have set a goal (top 20,000) for your blog. I haven't had sense enough to establish realistic goals for the Electronic Village yet. Perhaps I can get to that in the near future.

Ginene said...

Nice blog. Keep up the good work! You are progressing very fast


Congratulations Villager! Your blog IS crucial, the best, and I'm just slap happy that I stumbled upon it. I'm a better informed person because of OUR Electronic Village.

I wish we can have an elecronic fish-fry or something when you reach the top 10!


Villager said...

GAW - I'll work on that fish fry idea! In the meantime, did you know that you are #398,186!

peace, Villager

Villager said...

ginene - I see that you have a number of blogs. Your FlavaOfBlog is rated 186,286 by Technorati. I gotta admit ... I love these statistics. How long have you been blogging?

peace, Villager

claudia said...

Congratulations! May you conquer the world with the honesty of your mission and words.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Many congratulations on your rise in rankings!

I'm sure you'll keep moving straight up.

And thanks again for the shout out and link love.

You're providing a good service to the community, and I believe you will be rewarding handsomely for your efforts.


Villager said...

Paula - Yikes. I see that you are a remarkable ranking of 2785 according to Technorati! As such, I will simply bow to your royal blogness (smile)! I didn't think that I would ever know someone with a ranking as high as 2785. Dayum!

I think that I will stay quiet on this ranking issue for many moons now...

peace, Villager

Villager said...

Claudia - Asante sana! I hope you come and visit us here on the Electronic Village often!

Ginene said...

Aww thanks :) Last year I did about 10 posts and then I started in December with flavaofblog but in February I was 2 million something. I started link exhanging by randomly asking people and when I reviewed some blogs they would also link back to me.

plez... said...

congratulations on your milestone - i can't wait to crack the top 100,000 blogs. i only recently learned about this blog via the AfroSpear, and look to spend more time.

thanks for dropping by plezWorld and as an AfroSpear participant, you can rest assured that i will make the Electronic Village a constant presence in my blogging experience.

keep up the GREAT work.

Keith said...


You seriously deserve that, man. Your hard work and thoughtfulness is evident, and I'm so glad for you that it's paying off. Also, thanks so much for showing love to The "D" Spot! Much love.

Theo J. said...


Congrats on the accomplishment. It's definitely well-deserved. Just goes to show that content is king and you are meeting the expectations of your readers. Keep up the good work.


Villager said...

Theo - you are 235,736 and rising! I appreciate the work that you are doing with The Black Covenant.

Keith - you are 171,044 and rising! Of course, we are all merely pawns in the blogging game compared to Paula ... but we can still have dreams of becoming rooks or knights or bishops!

peace, Villager

Villager said...

plez - I'm just now having a chance to visit with other blogs on the AfroSpear, including plezWorld. I got a kick out of Vagina and Penis power post! Anyhow, I see that you are 122,188 and rising!

Villager said...

All - Two years later: we are now ranked 17,744 out of all the gazillion blogs in the world. Our thanx to all villagers that continue to support our blogging efforts...