June 24, 2007

Hawaii On My Mind

It is summer time. Time to begin thinking about vacation spots. My favorite vacation in the past took place in Hawaii. Once you get outside crowded, touristy Waikiki, it is beautiful. Serene. The air oozes with the fragrance of exotic tropical flowers. Thick banyan trees gracefully drop their branches to the ground, and grow upwards from there. The water is a pristine turquoise blue. The beaches are immaculate, and uncrowded.

Moreover, you can try out just about any water sport you ever imagined. After all, surfing began here. I am not a surfer ... but I can snorkel with the best of 'em!

The food is great, too. You can get just nearly anything you like, but preferred local delicacies come from the sea. Fresh mahi-mahi and opakapaka plucked from the Pacific Ocean and garnished with Hawaiian macadamia nuts are memorable.

I am not looking to get married again ... but, if I did ... I would likely get a Hawaii home rentals and simply enjoy myself. Heck, the more I think about it ... the Villager may need to make this move sooner rather than later!

How about you? Do you have any vacation plans this summer?


Anna said...

Hi Wayne;
Hawaii sounds like the perfect spot to 'simply enjoy yourself'! I haven't made any plans for the summer, but I'm heading to New York in November for a few days. I can't wait. I've never been out of Nova Scotia! I suppose I should have picked a warmer spot considering where I live, but oh well, I imagine I'll enjoy it just as much. The plane ride alone will be a new experience for me! Ah well.

P.S. Good luck on Blogging to fame!
- Anna

Benin "Mwangi" said...


I am planning a trip to Kenya very soon. And would love to bump into you there-Mombasa, Kenya could compete with the best of them whether were talking Jaimaica, Hawaii, or the Keys.

Come to think of it we should really talk about this-getting you and some of our other Afrospear bloggers to go thee and blog about it!

You can get back at me at beninmwangi at gmail dot com.

Kuanyin said...

You should check out Maui, my island. As they say over here, Maui No Ka Oi which means Maui Is The Best!