June 5, 2007

Dwyane Wade and his Wife Siohvaughn Are Getting Divorced

After five years of marriage, Dwyane Wade and wife Siohvaughn decided to split according to YBF.com.

Dwayne’s wife just had their second baby, Zion, in May of this year .


James said...

It sounds like Shaq and Dewayne are really going to enjoy South Beach this season. I do not judge but I have to wonder if they need a older brother or uncle to hang around with them to ensure nobody takes advantage of them. I volunteer

Villager said...

James - Odd to note that Kobe's marriage lasted longer than Shaq's marriage...and Dwyane, who was married while still in college at Marquette, appears to be following Shaq's example.

Sad on many levels...

peace, Villager