November 1, 2013

Charles G. Hicks (1962-2004)

My brother would have celebrated his 51st birthday today.  
 I was with him when he celebrated his 1st birthday back in 1963!

Charles was a remarkably talented musician. He played piano at church and at school. In fact, for many years his nickname was 'Schroeder'.

When I went off to college it was left to Charles to look after our two younger sisters, Kyra and Iyisa.

Charles was very close with our youngest sister Iyisa. They are both gone too soon.  This photo was taken in 1979 when Charles graduated from Los Angeles High School.

Here is Charles as a teenager back in 1982.

Charles went to community college for a year of so in Los Angeles before he listened to some sound advice from our maternal grandfather to take his education seriously. At that point he did some remarkable things to get admitted to Morehouse College. He was continuously on the Dean's List at Morehouse and he was a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity (to the dismay of my father and grandfather who were both Kappas!). My mom and dad were very proud to attend the Morehouse College graduation in 1984 where Charles received his Marketing degree.

He received his law degree from the University of Georgia in 1987. He had his own practice in the 1987-1990 timeframe. This photo down below was taken during that period in his private practice office.

Later on in his career he served as a magistrate judge for DeKalb County Magistrate Court (making him one of the few African Americans to be a third generation judge).

He was an officer in U.S. Navy, Judge Advocate General's Corp reserves (Lieutenant Commander -- active duty 1987-1991). He was promoted in 2000 to the rank of full Commander (O-5) in the Navy.

Charles loved his daughters. You could hear the fatherly love and pride whenever he talked about them. He is shown in this photo with Victoria (oldest daughter) in 1999.

Here he is his with Sydney (his youngest daughter) in 2000.

Charles was my 'best man' when I got married in 1993.

He left us unexpectedly in 2004.  I think he is looking down from heaven today with a smile as he sees the growing intelligence and beauty of his two daughters.

I miss my brother.
May he rest in peace.

If you had a relationship, family or friend, with Charles during his life ... then I invite you to share your remembrance on his guest book for posterity.

Happy Birthday Charles!


Iya said...

Wayne, this is beautiful!

Villager said...

Iya - Asante sana! Omo

Karen Swim, Words For Hire said...

Wayne, when I saw the headline I remembered a tribute you wrote to your sister. I am so sorry for your losses. You have truly honored your brother's memory in such a beautiful way. I'm from SoCal and had many friends from LA High, your brother's HS picture looks so familiar. Bless you brother for ensuring his legacy lives on.

Villager said...

Karen - thank you for you kind sentiments. Did you go to high school in Los Angeles?

Ras Lil Dread said...

Hi, Kyra this is Tony from around the corner on gramrecy place in Los Angeles. I'm sorry to learn Charles passed so young. I remember all the fun we had as kids, bless you and your family. Peace and Love!!!