October 31, 2013

One Day Those Who Flaunt Their Racism Will Experience the Backlash of Karma

I'm not sure what it is about wearing 'Blackface' that white folks think is funny? It's never funny. It's like folks that compare politicians to Adolph Hitler ... it's never appropriate. So you can imagine my dismay when someone forwarded to me the following image from Twitter:

I wonder if their parents were chuckling when they came across this tweet? I wasn't. Well, I did smile when it dawned on me that these two idiots looked like the Oompa Loompas.

Anyhow, a few hours after seeing this tweet I was introduced to the spoken word poetry of Dominique Christina. The sister is powerful. She is a spoken word champion and one of her poems is entitled, 'Karma'.

I've decided that whenever I come across racists on the Internet I'm going to spend a few minutes listening to Dominque as she shares her insights on what 'Karma' is going to be at some point in the future for these racist fools.

'...If I could write this shyt in fire, I would write this shyt in fire!' Yeah, this ignorant and evil folks that try to degrade and denigrate with their race-based humor will one day learn what 'Karma' is all about.

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Gloria Shinaver said...

i cant believe this. ignorance at its best. l girls being ignorant!!!! had i seen this as a white girl from saginaw michigan i would have got em good!!!