November 9, 2010

Good News Tuesday: Jonecia Keels and Jazmine Miller (Spelman College)

Jonecia Keels and Jazmine Miller are full-time students at Spelman College. They are the 2010 Big Mobile on Campus winners.

There winning mobile application is called HBCU Buddy. HBCU Buddy is a mobile application created to educate and inform users, including both prospective and current college students, about Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) across the United States.

The application opens with a directory profiling each HBCU with information on academics, admissions, research, student life, alumni and other details. After selecting a school students can navigate through the school – literally – by accessing virtual tours of buildings, on-campus videos, and local GPS and directions. The application also provides students with customizable social networking features to connect with each other, their school and community. Students can use the application to follow the latest on school club and campus happenings, local events, hot spots around the community and more.

Here is interview that Ms. Keel and Ms. Miller gave to NBC on HBCU Buddy:

The future face of technology is all around us ... and that is good news!

This blog plans to share some good news about people of African descent each and every Tuesday. You can help ... let me know if you see a good news story that you think would inspire our Villagers!

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