November 1, 2010

Raise Your Vote: We Are STILL The Ones

Our president came into office with remarkable challenges. In my view he has been a president focused on getting things done. He didn't take easy choices. He didn't go for popular choices. He looked at the issues and problems that were given to him by the former president ... and President Obama worked the issues in a professional way.

He's only been in office for less than two years ... and his accomplishments are beyond comparison to most, if not all, of the presidents that have been in the White House during my lifetime.

Yet, there are many who decided that they didn't want our president to succeed.

I can't control them. I can only control myself. I choose to remember the vibe that ran through our country when Obama was elected as our president. I choose to remind myself and other 'villagers' reading this blog to raise our vote and shout it out -- We are STILL the ones!

Are you with me on this one? Are you going to vote tomorrow? Are you going to ensure that those in your sphere of influence are also going to vote? We are STILL the ones!


Travis Cody said...

I'm still invested. I'm still excited about the possibilities to come. I still appreciate the effort to overcome divisive politics and work together to spread equality to all. I applaud the effort to work within the framework of law to reverse laws and practices that don't work, rather than issuing executive orders that can be undone by another executive order.

It took a long time to get in the hole. We need to work long and hard to get out of it.

I mailed in my ballot with that in mind.

Villager said...

Travis - Amen! We need to continue putting in the work ... today with our votes ... and later with our serious consideration of the challenges that face us as a nation.