April 18, 2012

Village Tips: Promote Your Business to Local Media

I have been self-employed since 2002. My focus is on providing online marketing support to small businesses. Many of us are amazed at the rapid growth of social networks and the ability to market one's business on the cheap. However, it is worth remembering that there are still ol' school marketing opportunities with your local media.

Media are constantly looking for new stories and information that will interest their audiences. Chances are, your town has at least one major newspaper, several smaller papers, a few TV stations, a bunch of radio stations, and at least one cable company. Here are a few things to consider:
  1. Local media like to cover local stories. You have a much better chance of getting free publicity from a reporter in your area than from national media.
  2. Local talk radio stations and programs are constantly in need of interesting guests. Watch for times when your area of expertise fits with a breaking story, holiday, or issue the media is covering.
  3. Send your local media a press release when you have something new to announce: a new product, service, public service program, or alliance with another business.
  4. Small businesses often make good feature stories. Work up a sheet of helpful tips related to your business. Make sure they are things the media audience will be interested in.
  5. Work with local charities and blow your own horn.
I hope that these small business tips are helpful to you. Feel free to contact me by email or phone (513.284-4968) if you would like to discuss additional ways to market your small business.

In the meantime, I will continue to share these Village Tips on a semi-regular basis!

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