April 24, 2012

Taser Death: Bruce Chrestensen (Grass Valley, CA)

It happened again! This time an unidentified Grass Valley (CA) police officer decided that the only way to respond to a disturbance was to electrocute 52-year old Bruce Chrestensen with 50,000 volts of electricity from a taser gun. [SOURCE] I imagine that the police thought that they were calming the situation ... instead they killed a man who was already in their custody.

It seems obvious that Chrestensen was experiencing some type of mental stress. When the police arrived he was standing in the middle of the street yelling at passing drivers with his pants down. The police say that he attacked a passing car and wouldn't listen to police commands. Chrestensen was a 52-year old man without a weapon ... he was *UNARMED*. Even if the police officer thought that Chrestensen was trying to steal a car ... it is worth noting that we don't have the death penalty for such a crime.

There is no indication that Chrestensen has a previous criminal history ... and it appears that his only medical condition may be high blood pressure. The police and district attorney are investigating this in-custody pre-judicial electrocution ... but, the officers involved in the taser-killing have not been removed from duty.

Noah Sherry was at work when he witnessed all the commotion.

"I looked out the window and the guy was sitting out there, or standing out there, cussing at people, and doing things" said Sherry. "I think anyone on that mindset would be on drugs."

Does drug use justify being killed by any random police officer?


MKelley77 said...

First of all...Let's clarify a few FACTS: The man was NOT in custody, Police were repeatedly attempting to subdue the man when the unknown subject physically attacked a passer-by. We put our trust in Law Enforcement to PROTECT the community from random acts of violence yet attack them for doing the very thing we ask them to do. Let us remember that horrible day in January 2001 when a mentally ill man behaved in a similar manner and shot up the HEW Building killing Laura Wilcox and injuring many others. Less lethal force is sometimes a necessary element in crime control and it is very unfortunate that a man died as a result of the method of force. However, this incident and others like it are the exception NOT the condition of Law Enforcement practices.

Villager said...

MKelley77 - I appreciate you for sharing your insights about this taser-related death...

Kayla Wilson said...

You poeple that wrote this stuff must be high..I was personally involved I was in the car that stopped to help the lady that he was trying to beat up first of all and then he pursued my physically unable to father and started to punch him and try to get my truc which add my 3&a half year old son in it so I had no choice but you going to find myself when the cop and showed up so then the cop at Tom and told him to stop hitting my dad as I ran across to get him and thank God that cop at Taser that guy because I would have done way worse and I had to help subdue the man because he was fighting the cop that was taxing him..you guys who write this crap disgust me..if only you had an ounce of brain toro research before opening Ur mouth..I personally wouldn't have cared if that cop shot that guy..he hit my dad and as far as IM concerned I would've killed him if that cop didn't show up..but doesn't really matter cause the end result was the same..and you don't even mention that we pulled over to help a girl that had been giving him food that he started chasing and swinging on. Imagine if I didn't stop what would've happened to that girl that isn't even mention..you digest me