August 22, 2013

Taser Death: Michael Ruiz (Phoenix AZ)

Michael Ruiz
It happened again! Michael Ruiz, an unarmed 44-year old man, may have needed help ... he didn't need to be electrocuted by these unidentified Phoenix police officers. What was their hurry? Were they missing a meal at the local doughnut shop?

Video taken by witnesses show 44-year-old Michael Angel Ruiz on the roof of his apartment building and police trying to talk the man down. Police then used a taser to kill him.

Ruiz jumped down from the roof and was quickly surrounded by police — who carried him down the stairs in handcuffs. Video shows his unsupported head hitting the stairs repeatedly on the way down.

Police are much too quick to use 50,000 volts of electricity from their taser guns to try to solve situations like this.
Why would you tase an unarmed man on a roof? What is the rush?  Michael Ruiz will never see his two children again ... and that simply is wrong!


Jan Scherrer said...

In the past month, 2 nursing home residents have died as the result of being tased by police offices. One was 95 years old, the other, 76. This is insane and must stop!

Reggie said...

That was simply awful!!!

You have done a banner job of bringing this issue to light again and again. I would have had no idea that this was as big a problem as it is.

Something seriously needs to be done to educate these police officers around the country....and incarcerate them if necessary.

Wayne Hicks said...

Jan and Reggie - Yes, it is getting beyond ridiculous now. Folks are being tasered to death on rooftops, in nursing homes ... folks are being tasered who are unarmed, autistic. Life is very, very sad when it comes to the abuse of taser torture.

There is an online petition at the White House that highlights this issue. It just got going today.