December 8, 2007

Sometimes I Wish I Was White

There are times when I get angry or frustrated about the racial injustices that exist in America. I have three beautiful nubian children and I want them to have unlimited access to opportunities as they grow up. As such, it worries me when I find brothers like Allen Watty who is so hopeless, desperate and filled with self-hate that he would write a song called, "Sometimes I Wish I Was White". No matter how angry or frustrated that I have become ... I never wished to be white. Have you?

[Listen to Song]

Watty sings, "Sometimes I feel, I wish I was white, so I could feel, just how it feels to be treated right. I'm not ashamed of me. Just one time, I want to see, how it feels to be treated equally." The disclaimer on his website says that he simply wants to stimulate conversation about the mistreatment of Black people.

My problem with the song is that it opines that the answer to our mistreatment is for us "to wish were white". First, much of the mistreatment that we experience comes from other Blackfolks in our own community. Even if there were no white people in America ... we would still have issues. The so-called 'Black-on-Black' crime issue that has been talked about incessantly in recent months isn't tied directly to white people.

Second, the mistreatment caused by white people in our country is at its roots caused by white supremecy thoughts and ideas that still permeate our country. I don't want my children or my community to "be white". I want them to be successful because of their character, their knowledge and what they bring to the table. Part of what they bring is a proud legacy that comes with being a person of African descent.

Hearing Allen Watty's song reminds me that we still have to battle on the frontlines for our dignity ... for our manhood ... for our respect as a people. There should never be a reason for any person of color to wish that they were without melanin.

Villagers, what say u?


Dave J. said...

I remember a few years back when Chris Rock put a reverse spin on this concept into his stand-up. He said (paraphrased) "I am a millionaire, but you would still choose not to be me. You'd rather be poor than Black!"

I wonder what the response would be if we asked around to White people; "would you be Black, if it meant you could be rich?"

Tey said...

hi villager, it's been a while since I visited you. You always post something that can touch anyone's heart.. I just hope that the song can wake someone else heart and realized how beautiful people are you guys.
I feel the same way when it comes to equality.

Villager said...

Dave - I appreciate you taking time to visit. Your village voice is always welcome. I do recall the Chris Rock set. I also recall watching a funny movie called, Watermelon Man and another one (I forgot the name) that had a white guy taking some type of drug that darkened his skin. Both characters were white guys living as if they were Black. Both wanted out very badly when the show was over (smile).

Tey - thank you very much for taking time to visit. Your village voice is important and I hope you will come back more often in the future!