December 18, 2007

Celebrate Kwanzaa in Second Life

I am one of over two million folks (up from 100k since January) that have built Second Life into a dynamic alternative community, resource and commercial venue far different from what many of us are familiar with. It is more than a game. It evolved into a virtual world experience. My Second Life character is Villager Barbosa.

People of color, consciousness and rhythm have establihed a presence in Second Life. In many cases, our peeps are generating new experiences, presentations and program material. For more about our collective role in the shaping of this medium, see The Virtual Is Real - Just Follow The Eye Movements or the Music.

I am pleased to see that Villagers can participate in the 2nd annual multimedia Kwanzaa celebration within Second Life. Just head to the Nguzo Szaba Park located on Hip Hop Island. Villagers are encouraged to participate, to engage in a form & forum of celebration unique in the history of this cultural holiday. While the primary locus of the event will take place in Second Life, you will be able to connect & interact with the collective here and here.

The candle lighting opening the celebration will occur twice each day -- at 7pm EST/4pm PST, and 10pm EST/7pm PST in Nguzo Szaba Park. Come join us, and live the experience, be the story. The celebration is FREE. The new century is almost 8 years old, well on its own legs, and emerging into the realm of innovative exploration and play. This is an opportunity to see and experience it firsthand.

Villagers, do you have a Second Life account?


the teach said...

Happy Kwanzaa, Villager, may all the good wishes of the holiday season come your way!

Villager said...

Teach - Thank you for the kind wishes. I hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas and that 2008 is truly a remarkable year for you as well!

Shelia said...

Hi Villager, I'm going to go over and check out the Kwanzaa celebration. But I came over primarily to wish you and your family a blessed and wonderful holiday.

Truthful said...

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Excellent link above to an article by Williams.

Laurence said...

Thanks for the link Wayne! I'll send you an IM in world - I'm Khemical Stonecutter.