December 4, 2007

Police Taser Blackman With His Mother in Austin

Drums continue to beat about these taser incidents. You know how it seems that everyone on the road owns your same make, model and color of car when you get a new car? Maybe it is that way with these taser incidents. Perhaps, we are simply noticing them more. One AfroSpear blogger created an entire blog dedicated to this issue.

It turns out that Black people have been getting tased without good reason for over a year. Did you see this incident down in Austin, TX?

Police officer Thomas O'Connor pulls over a Blackman, Eugene Snelling, and his mother on Thanksgiving Day for driving 5-MPH over the speed limit. He asks the brother for his driver's license and registration. Without giving the driver a chance to get it, Officer O'Connor opens the door; directs the driver at gunpoint to the back of the car ... AND USES HIS TASER!

You be the judge. Check out the dashboard police camera showing the use of police taser on innocent Blackman.

Officer O'Connor gave his side of the story during internal affairs investigation. He was suspended by the Austin Police Department for three days. I wonder if Bro. Snelling had to pay the speeding ticket?


That Girl Boo said...

sorry for the long post, but I gotta call it like I see it

HOW ENDLESS is the list of brothas & sistas harmed at the hands of the police? It seems like these problems don't end because there is NO EXTREME PENALTY in this country for POLICE BRUTALITY. There is NO EXTREME PENALTY for HATE CRIMES because the MAJORITY of the PERPETRATORS of them are white males.

Villager said...

Boo - I'm asking the same question. Another taser incident occured yesterday in Wichita KS. This one involved a deaf Blackman coming out of the bathtub in his own house. He was tased in his OWN HOUSE. He had no record. He was doing nothing illegal. But, he was a Blackman in America ... and that gives the police a license to use that dayum taser it appears.