April 5, 2013

Rest In Peace: Charlton Heston (1926-2010)

I enjoyed Charlton Heston in a number of his movie roles. I imagine that everyone has a visual picture of Heston whenever the story of Moses parting the Red Sea is told. Heston is well-remembered by everyone for his role in Ben-Hur. I give credit to Heston for introducing me to a very under-rated talent named Paula Kelly in sci-fi classic, Soylent Green. I also thought Heston did a remarkable job in the title role of a solid western, Will Penny.

Of course, I disagreed with his ultra-conservative politics, epitomized by his tenure as president of the National Rifle Association. Few of us can forget him holding that rifle in the air on the podium and stating with defiance that gun-control activists would be able to take his guns away when they "...pry it away from my cold, dead hands..."

However, today we beat our drums for Charlton Heston for living a full life. He is died on ths date at the age of 84. I imagine that his reception at the pearly gates will bring smiles to many of the heavenly faces. Rest in peace Mr. Heston....

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Miriam said...

May he rest in peace.