April 5, 2013

VIDEO: Lucinda White is the Pregnant Woman Tasered by Aggressive Cops (Sangamon County IL)

It looks like the taser training provided to law enforcement in Sangamon County didn't have much affect. The cops in Sangamon County thought it was a good idea to electrocute Lucinda White, 29, a pregnant woman in a local shopping mall parking lot. When I first heard the story I thought she must have been an armed shoplifter or something.


She was a few days from giving birth to her child. She was unarmed. She was the victim of car vandalism. And none of that mattered to the police officer who felt that she disrespected him.  He reached for 50,000 volts of electricity to put her down.

The incident was captured on the smartphone of another driver in the car park. It begins with White appearing to separate her boyfriend and the police officer. Another officer then approaches the scene, he first tasers Thomas, before attempting to wrestle White to the ground. She can be heard screaming that she is pregnant, while he commands her to get on the ground. Then he tasers her.

Watch the video:

The police officer felt disrespected. He didn't bother with details or information. He went right to physical confrontation with a short Black pregnant woman. Do you think he would have done the same with a middle-aged white woman?

The sad thing is that Lucinda White had actually called the police to intervene in a fender bender disagreement that she and boyfriend Frederic Thomas, 31, were having with another man.  White accused the man of hitting her car, which he denied, and she called Springfield police to resolve the situation.

I imagine that the police are going to say that the pregnant woman brought this taser-abuse on herself. White denies touching the police officer. ‘I'm pulling on my daughter's father. I did not touch a police officer. I know not to touch a police officer.’ [SOURCE]
One eyewitness to the incident said, ‘They told her get down on the ground face down, and she's trying to plead with them “I can't get on the ground, I'm pregnant. I can't do that,” and they told her once again. And she, she's just trying to plead with them and then right away they hit her with the taser.'
It doesn't matter. White and her boyfriend were arrested and spent the weekend in jail. I suspect that this won't be the last that the Springfield police see of Ms. White. The next time will be in a courtroom trying to settle a million-dollar lawsuit for excessive force.


iriegal said...

that's crazy! human life has not value to anyone anymore. she was pregnant.

Reggie said...

All those dumb bastards should be fired and charged.

Unknown said...

IrieGal and Reggie - I agree with you both. I was amazed by how many squad cars showed up.