November 9, 2012

Village Tip: Business Cards

We will share occasional Village Tips in support of the Declaration of Financial Empowerment. Today's tip is for those of you thinking about starting your own business.

Business cards are not just little cardstock rectangles with your name and contact information. They are a representation of you and your business, and a reminder of who you are and what you do.

But when you settle for a second rate (or third, or fourth, or fifth) business card, you might as well kiss a lot of potential customers and clients goodbye. What happens when you give someone your business card, they slip it into their wallet, forget all about it, and then come across is three weeks later? Well, if you have a flimsy, poorly designed business card, they probably throw it in the trash. But if you have a classy, high quality card, they will save it and remember you every time they see it.

So before you go home and print your business cards on your home printer, think about how those business cards will represent you. You don't want to spoil the good impression you make with a bad business card.


Hawa Bond said...

I used to dabble in graphic design. It never ceased to amaze me how many people had awful business cards. Like a resume, the business card represents you in your absence. Shabby card, shabby you. Classy card, classy you. I don't understand how so many miss that point...

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Hello there!

I completely agree with you!

Flimsy, home-made business cards make ONE statement: Cheapskate!

There are some people who want to do everything as cheaply as possible and THAT is not what impresses people. These are people who are from backgrounds where they was very little money and they think that it is a virtue to save every penny.

People care about quality.

For those who think that home-made cards look JUST LIKE the professional cards...let me assure you..they DO NOT.

Some women do not have a business card case. They pull out a card and hand it to you that is dented or dirty from being in their purse.

Some people cross out a phone number on the card and write in a new number...TACKY.

Some people start talking about their business card when they hand it to you...and that's just plain stupid. No one needs to hear the story of your business card design. {yawn}

Women and men need to realize that when they hand their business card, someone WILL notice the condition of their hands....brothas...ashy knuckles is not attractive...and neither are nail-bitten fingers. Women, long nails with designs are ghetto and I don't care if the Asians at the salon told you that nail polish color was pretty. Remember - they aren't exectives so their assessment of what is appropriate (nail length, color, designs) reflects their extreme lack of exposure to the business world that you function in. Most of them can't even speak English and you take THEIR suggestion on how to represent yourself in the arena you are in?

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Unknown said...

Lisa - You are remarkable! I enjoy it when you get going in your thoughts on your subject ... and this one included! I agree with everything you have to say (as I look at my well-oiled knuckles on my keyboard)!!!

Unknown said...

Hawa - Do you still do graphic design? If so, do you have any creative thoughts on a graphic design that can be applied to the monthly 'Black Blog Rankings'?

Also, I like your idea of including link to the DonorsChoose 2008 in your comments!

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Unknown said...

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